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Vincent Markeas by AlexiaandErica Vincent Markeas :iconalexiaanderica:AlexiaandErica 1 0 IDK 1 by AlexiaandErica IDK 1 :iconalexiaanderica:AlexiaandErica 1 0 Ballet Slipper by AlexiaandErica Ballet Slipper :iconalexiaanderica:AlexiaandErica 1 5 Michiko by AlexiaandErica Michiko :iconalexiaanderica:AlexiaandErica 0 0
Biography---------------Jaiden Shadepacer
Your deviantART Username : AlexiaandErica
Name of Character : Jaiden Shadepacer
Age of Character : 115
Gender of Character : Female
Height / Length of Character : 4' 9"
Weight of Character : 90 lbs.
Skin Tone / Color of Character : Jaiden is a Drow, and has the usual ebony skin that it entails.
Eye Color of Character : She is heterochromatic, and has one pale eye, the other being an extremely odd silver.
Body Type of Character : Jaiden is about the average build for an Elf, a bit on the slender side.
Hair Color of Character : Jaiden's hair is white, contrasting with her skin sharply.
Hair Style of Character : Her hair is fairly long, going down to mid-back, but is usually pulled up into a bun or otherwise hidden by a hood or hat.
Tops Worn by Character : Usually her clothes are black or a dark grey, making it easier to miss her in dark places. She wears a tunic-style shirt beneath a black trench coat that goes almost to her feet. The trench coat is magical, ab
:iconalexiaanderica:AlexiaandErica 1 10
Solace - GCA Char
Name:  Solace
Age:  17
Gender:  Female
Race: Human
Blood type: O
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Height:  5' 3"
Weight:  110 lbs
Appearance: Solace's black hair goes past her back, contrasting sharply against her usual crisp white button up shirt. There are no bangs in front, just a part on the right.  She has a kind face, with large brown eyes that only in the worst circumstances ever seem to hold judgement. Most of the time she is very uptight, posture straight and unbending. Slacks complete the look, only slightly offset by the black sneakers she generally wears. On her left arm she has a tattoo encircling her wrist that has three letters on it - M, S, and A. The blue 'M' is a flowing font, part of the circling grey tattoo, while the black 'S' is straight and unbending, a sharp contrast to the flowing background. The 'A' is a mid-point between the two, a part of the circling tattoo but also separate.
Birthday:  3/15
Status:  First Year
Zodiac Sign: Pisces  
Birth month Gem:
:iconalexiaanderica:AlexiaandErica 1 0
To try or not to try
To Try or not to Try?
I grunted as I shoved a piece of metal off of my shoulder. It wasn't particularly heavy, just unwieldy. There were more around me, gleaming in the dim light of the lantern I had set in a small hollow in the pile of junk. Shadows loomed from every pile, gears and metal scraps appearing as dancing creatures, getting closer and more distorted as the hours passed. Memories surfaced, unbidden, as thoughts of my past invaded my plans of new creations, some of repairing things that had existed before the Last War, which had destroyed most of the world.
"Are you sure everything'll be okay, 'Bastian? Mom's still not back. She said that she would be back soon." The soft voice of my brother floated from where he lay on the top bunk of a bunk-bed we had salvaged a few months after Mom had left us and which had replaced the single mattress we had used instead.
"We'll be fine, Ciel. She said she'll be back soon, so she will. You should get to sleep, though. You still have that
:iconalexiaanderica:AlexiaandErica 1 0
Optimus Drawing by AlexiaandErica Optimus Drawing :iconalexiaanderica:AlexiaandErica 1 2


Pagan Winter Solstice Pendant Art Yarn Necklace by DeidreDreams Pagan Winter Solstice Pendant Art Yarn Necklace :icondeidredreams:DeidreDreams 38 8
Who I Am
I am tired of living a shitty life, lying about who I am and who I want to be. I am not Samantha Marie, Female. I am Devyn Jace, Male. I am not headaches, anxiety, and disordered eating. I am transgender, writer, poet. I am my soul and my identity. I am not brown hair, green eyes, white skin. I am infinite universes in a mortal body that cannot be meaured by society's standards. I am the scars that line my wrists, my ribs, my thighs. I am "Perfect" and "Apricity" and "Don't Eat." The words that I carved into my flesh as permanent reminders of the past, as permanent reminders of how much I dislike myself. I am not Happy, and I am not Sad. I am smiles, and I am tears. Do not tell me who I am because of how you see me because you don't know my soul until you've sat with me through my depression, talked me into putting down the knife and picking up the pen instead. You don't know my soul until you've seen the flowers sketched besides poems of suicide in my notebook and learned how I can be
:iconmag-pye:Mag-Pye 3 3
Lavi- a little bookman by NobodyTwice Lavi- a little bookman :iconnobodytwice:NobodyTwice 66 12 Bookman by tuchka251 Bookman :icontuchka251:tuchka251 32 1 BOOKMAN JR. by nairchan BOOKMAN JR. :iconnairchan:nairchan 1,338 73 Drafts of Lavi Bookman by haymi Drafts of Lavi Bookman :iconhaymi:haymi 25 0 Lavi Fanstamp by VirulentRequiem Lavi Fanstamp :iconvirulentrequiem:VirulentRequiem 97 1 Lavi 2 by SaaraLawliet Lavi 2 :iconsaaralawliet:SaaraLawliet 36 14 Lavi 3 by SaaraLawliet Lavi 3 :iconsaaralawliet:SaaraLawliet 53 14 Lavi Bookman by Antikku Lavi Bookman :iconantikku:Antikku 27 4 Bookman: NoNeedForAHeart by GreenArcherAlchemist Bookman: NoNeedForAHeart :icongreenarcheralchemist:GreenArcherAlchemist 35 12 Fake Smile - Lavi - by punyaaan Fake Smile - Lavi - :iconpunyaaan:punyaaan 267 86 Lavi and Panda by mad-snaiL Lavi and Panda :iconmad-snail:mad-snaiL 62 24 Lavi is... Cry???? by White-Arks-Melody Lavi is... Cry???? :iconwhite-arks-melody:White-Arks-Melody 93 18 DGM: Lavi and Bookman by Wiz-Dan DGM: Lavi and Bookman :iconwiz-dan:Wiz-Dan 29 10



Sorry about the long time, guys. Just getting done with my last year of high school, where things decided to get serious. Been getting over some things, deciding that maybe I should actually focus on getting somewhere in high school, started enlisting in the Service. Yeah, some changes. I've recently began to draw again, and might even post some of my writing. What do you guys think? Sheesh, I ask that question a lot. No matter. Do people actually read these? I have to thank everyone again for favoriteing my drawings though. Thanks everyone!
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